The Ethos spacers come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

The Ethos C- Spacer is manufactured from PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) with Tantalum markers. It is designed with a flat tipped nose and is available in shorter lengths to properly accommodate the patient’s anatomy. The proud angled tooth on the superior and inferior surfaces was designed to resist migration and large central apertures for placement of bone graft material.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Proportional sizing
  • Large central window
  • Radiolucent
  • Custom position instruments

The Ethos X- Spacer has a bullet tipped nose which is designed to aid in distraction during implementation. The geometry of this device allows it to be inserted at a right angle to its intended orientation and then rotated into place. The Ethos X- Spacer can also be impacted into place.

The Ethos T- Spacer has a curved shape which allows for flexibility when accommodating a patient’s anatomy.

Features and Benefits of both T & X spacers include:

  • Prominent anti-expulsion barbs on the superior and inferior contacting surfaces and large central apertures for placement of bone graft.
  • Angled tooth design allowing self guiding effortless insertion.
  • Proportional sizing.
  • Parallel and lordotic styles available.
  • Proud tooth design on superior and inferior surfaces help to resist migration.
  • Radiolucent, allowing visualization of osteogenesis; markers help facilitate and verify device placement.
  • Modulus of elasticity closely approximates cortical bone, encouraging load sharing while minimizing stress shielding, resulting in bone fusion enhancement.

The Ethos A-Spacer is indicated for use in the thoracolumbar spine (T1-L5) and it’s slightly convex profile assists the fusion process to promote an ideal anatomical fit.

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