A remarkable breakthrough in instrument cannula design, EntreVu makes interstitial swelling during shoulder and hip arthroscopy a thing of the past. The patent-pending Extravastat (EX) anti-extravasation technology incorporated into the cannula reduces interstitial swelling at its source, the portal/tissue interface, while also offering all the other functionality of a conventional instrument cannula.

  • Delivers continuous interstitial fluid removal, visibly reducing swelling of soft tissues.
  • Ensures tissue quality is maintained by preventing interstitial fluid saturation.
  • Provides greater pressure control inside the joint throughout the procedure.
  • Secure positioning with threaded design so the cannula resists pulling out.
  • Incorporates easily into a surgeon’s existing technique and is compatible with currently used equipment.
  • Proximal seal design prevents fluid squirting during surgery.
  • Ergonomic obturator provides improved grip and control.
  • Cannulated obturator also available.

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