A true innovation in fluid management, the TwoVu ST delivers continuous fluid outflow for two-portal knee and percutaneous shoulder and hip arthroscopy. This soft polymer, low-profile device slips easily over an arthroscope’s own sheath to provide a dedicated inflow-outflow channel, which:

  • Eliminates having to switch from inflow to outflow on the scope to regain image clarity and remove debris (even with a pump).
  • Delivers continuous outflow, maintaining visual clarity and joint distension throughout the procedure.
  • For knee arthroscopy, eliminates need for third portal … as well as the post-operative pain typically associated with it.
  • Reduces potential for damaging fluid temperature build-up (above 45°C) in the joint when using RF devices.
  • Facilitates evacuation of sizable particulate matter through large fenestrations at the distal tip.
  • Insulates the metal scope sheath, preventing interference with RF ablation or thermal remodeling devices, even upon direct contact.

Other features include:

  • Incorporates easily into a surgeon’s current technique.
  • Available in a variety of configurations to fit over a wide range of scope sheath sizes for maximum performance.

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